Early Career Forum

Wednesday, April 30
1–4:30 pm

All Early Career attendees are encouraged to take part in this special session.  The purpose of the American Pain Society's Early Career Forum is to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and provide opportunities to assist in the development of future leaders in the fields of pain research and treatment.

APS seeks to achieve these aims by:

  • Facilitating networking to share ideas and experiences and to develop new collaborations
  • Providing opportunities for early career members to interact with senior researchers and clinicians within the American Pain Society
  • Enhancing early career members’ professional development
  • Promoting education as an important component of pain research and treatment
  • Encouraging future generations of pain researchers and clinicians

Please plan to take part in this exciting opportunity during your APS Annual Scientific Meeting experience. The agenda will be facilitated by Jennifer Haythornthwaite, PhD, and preliminarily includes the following:

Meet the Experts Session: 1–2 pm

Young Investigators will meet individually or in a small group with volunteer leaders to discuss their current work, career in pain, and any other topic(s) of interest. The goal of this session is to give young investigators the opportunity to address any questions or concerns they have about their work in pain or career plans.

Research Track: 2:15–4:30 pm

There are two sessions that will occur as part of the Research Track, one focused on developing effective specific aims and the second focused on learning about grant review through a mock study section experience. APS seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Construct effective specific aims statements.
  2. Understand the essential review criteria for NIH proposals.
  3. Describe at least two strategies used by successful grant writers to get their research applications funded.

Clinical Track: 2:15–4:30 pm

There are two sessions that will occur as part of the Clinical Track, one focused on developing effective means to monitor clinical outcomes in a meaningful manner and the second focused on mentorship regarding learning how to prepare a manuscript for publication. Participants will:

  1. Discuss the basic foundation of monitoring clinical outcomes for both research and patient care purposes.
  2. Examine current as well as emerging methodologies that can be implemented to monitor clinical outcomes in pain management settings.
  3. Develop tools needed in order to write and submit a manuscript for publication.