Shared Interest Groups

APS permits the establishment of multidisciplinary Shared Interest Groups, which are a forum for interested members to meet and discuss a field or topic of common interest. APS SIGs are multidisciplinary and are open to participation by any APS member.

SIGs will meet annually at the APS Annual Scientific Meeting.

To receive more information about a SIG you may contact the volunteers listed below.

To join a SIG, contact the APS national office at

Advancing the Science of Quality Shared Interest Group

Basic Science Shared Interest Group

Clinical Trials Shared Interest Group

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Shared Interest Group

Ethics Shared Interest Group

Genetics and Pain Shared Interest Group

Geriatric Pain Shared Interest Group

Measurement of Pain and Its Impact Shared Interest Group

Nursing Shared Interest Group

Pain and Disparities Shared Interest Group

Pain Education Shared Interest Group

Pain in Infants, Children and Adolescents Shared Interest Group

Pain Rehabilitation Shared Interest Group

Palliative Care Shared Interest Group

Pharmacotherapy Shared Interest Group

Primary Care Shared Interest Group

Psychosocial Research Shared Interest Group

Pain in Sickle Cell Disease Shared Interest Group

Procedure for forming a Shared Interest Group

If you are interested in forming a new Shared interest group, the process is as follows. Any group of twenty-five or more American Pain Society members may apply for the formation of a Shared Interest Group, to be approved by the APS Board. The letter of application will include the name of the proposed SIG group, the description of the proposed activity and scientific focus, as well as the names and signatures of the founding members. To submit your letter of application, or for additional information about forming a Shared Interest Group, email APS at

SIG Leadership and Programs

A Collective Calendar of SIG Chair activities can be found here.

SIG policies, procedures and requirements can be found here.

The SIG will elect a representative each year at the annual scientific meeting. These individuals will submit an annual report to the APS Board as requested by the president. These individuals will also serve as a liaison to the chairperson of the Scientific Program Committee to prevent overlap of topics and insure that the needs of these groups are reflected in the rest of the scientific program. The SIG meetings should not conflict with sessions that are part of Scientific Program and will be open to all APS members on a space-available basis.

The SIG will designate the topic and format of its meeting to be held during the annual Scientific Program. The representative will work with other SIG members in selecting topics and formats appropriate for their membership.

In addition to meeting during the annual Scientific Program, SIGs can provide yearly reports for publication within the APS Bulletin at the editor's discretion.

SIG Membership is included in annual dues and any APS member can join one or more SIGs, regardless of discipline. Membership will be designated in the APS Member Directory.

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